Interviews with Joshua Furst. 

"Ben Schrank and Joshua Furst Debate Judaism and Art: Two Authors Talk Shop Over a Couple of Beers in Brooklyn."
February 27, 2013.
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Ben Schrank (left) and Joshua Furst (right

Fiction Addiction interviews Joshua Furst. 
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"The Cowboy at the Outpost: Meeting up with Joshua Furst." 
By Danielle Neftin. 
March 2012. 
Joshua Furst, sat with a cold draft atop an unfinished wooden table and admitted to being a regular of our meeting spot, Outpost café. “I do most of my writing here, I like to watch the people, I like to feel engaged with my world when I’m working.” The coffee shop felt modern as the dominating wood décor was held together with industrial hints, trims of metal, unfinished brick, and found furniture made for a masculine ambiance that is characteristic to Furst.
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"Sabotage and Subversion: An Interview with Joshua Furst." 
By Lee Thomas
Fiction Writers Review.
October 18, 2010.
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Robert Birnbaum interviews Joshua Furst. 
Identity Theory.
September 8, 2003.
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