Short People, a story collection by Joshua Furst. 

Joshua Furst's acclaimed debut short story collection explores the perils and paradoxes of childhood in ten harrowing, moving, and surprising stories, offering a rare and unsentimental depiction of the lives of American youth.

In "The Age of Exploration," two boys experience the world so differently--Billy through science; Jason with fantastical powers of imagination--that they sense their lives will stray irrevocably away from each other. In "Red Lobster," which won the Nelson Algren Award, a gaggle of children try to please the father who has rounded them up from their various homes to take them to a fateful dinner. And in the collection's climactic story, "Failure to Thrive," a maternity ward nurse takes compassion too far. Emotionally astute, brilliantly written, these stories mark the arrival of a powerful new voice in American literature.
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Stories in Short People

The Age of Exploration.
This Little Light.
Merit Badge.
Red Lobster.
The Good Parents.
She Rented Manhattan.
Mercy Fuck.
It's Blue Until You Let It Out.
Failure to Thrive.
The Age of Man.

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